ecclesial Dimension

“Since you strive eagerly for spirits, seek to have an abundance of them for building up the church.” (1Co 14,12)

In fidelity to the ideal of our Holy Mother Teresa we live in deep communion with the Church and the Holy Father, the Pope, maintaining the missionary ardor lit in our hearts, so that everyone comes to the knowledge of the Truth.

Hidden in the heart of the Church we share in its missionary activity through prayer, presenting the Father the needs of mankind, especially peace in Israel and Middle East.

Inserted in our local church, we make ours the hopes and the joys of the Church that walks in Jerusalem. Accompanying this way the Church-Mother, the Church of Jerusalem, who was born of our Mother Church, spread throughout the world.

“Just as in the Upper Room, Mary in her heart, with her prayerful presence, watched over the origins of the Church, so too now the Church’s journey is entrusted to the loving heart and praying hands of cloistered nuns.” (VS, 4)